I am , the handmade hotel. How did I come to be on this hillside surrounded by jungle? It began with machetes. Land was cleared. I was meant to be just one house. But other structures followed. My growth was unplanned – a direction rather than an endpoint. I came from images and ideas. Like a dream recalled – the pieces became a whole. Light, time, space, color , weather, and the jungle all merged to help create me.
I am a place imagined and then found -One of the coolestboutique hotels Mexico has to offer.

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Under-the-Radar Boutique Hotels Mexico to Know: Built into the cliffs of hippie-chic Yelapa Mexico, is a luxury hotel with an eco-lodge heart.

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With the jungle view resembling a heroic television screen permanently tuned to nature, the owners report a constant feeling of exhilaration.

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By Angelica Barcena

Finding me is part of the adventure. Take a taxi from Puerto Vallarta to Boca de Tomatlan. Catch a boat to Yelapa. The boat curves down through the Bay of Banderas. Suddenly the driver cuts the engine to drift in towards the coast. The mules are standing on the rocks. Your luggage is strapped to their backs, and you hike up the hill into the jungle.
I will be waiting for you.

Thank you, adventurers, who have made this journey over the years. Many of the pictures you see on the site were taken by our guests, and we love sharing them.