Pictures tell stories better than any words.
This is the story of .
It’s hard to imagine that in or around 1997 when we walked up to that hill on the outskirts of Yelapa, it was all jungle and weeds…

We often get asked about a vision. There was no vision, just the idea of creating something that would blend into the landscape, something that would look like it had always been there. A ruin rediscovered.

After working in the movie industry for many years in LA, Heinz building sets and Vero decorating
this was the perfect project. And the perfect challenge for Heinz, who had always made the visions of others possible with his set construction company.
was built over many years. And what came out of it was not imaginable when we started. It came little by little and was never meant to be what it became. It was supposed to be one house.
Going up that hill always surprises us, and reminds us of what we achieved… with no big plans, limited money, and no power.
We had to be resourceful using local material found on the land, Bringing everything by boat, and up the hills by mule.
We call the handmade hotel in the literal sense. No machine was involved.

Discover it for yourself.

– Veronique and Heinz